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Business Litigation

Los Angeles, California, Business Litigation Attorney

Business litigation can be forced upon you by a lawsuit filed against your business or, it may be the only recourse available to you to enforce and to protect your business interests. Even apart from the direct results of any litigation, an unfavorable result in a lawsuit can adversely affect your business' reputation in the industry and cast you in an unfavorable light as against your competitors.

At Epstein Turner Weiss, we are experienced in handling a wide range of business disputes and take a strategic approach to your case to achieve optimal results in the case and to protect your reputation, your operations and future profits.

We are a legal team that will protect your bottom line. Our attorneys work to resolve disputes in a cost effective manner to protect your immediate and long- term business needs. Contact us for a consultation or case evaluation.

Business litigators dedicated to protecting business goals and objectives

First and foremost, our attorneys understand your business operation takes precedence. We make every effort to resolve your case in the most cost-effective manner in line with your business needs. Every business is different and has unique immediate and long-term objectives. Our objective is to achieve a long-term solution in the best interests of your business operations.

Our business litigation experience includes with the following:

Experienced litigators, resources and technology

We offer personalized legal services combined with the latest in litigation resources and technology. When your business is facing complex litigation, we have the tools to collect, preserve and to present evidence as necessary for your case, whether it involves a single issue contract dispute, a complex business transaction, fraud or real estate finance or a class action. For more information about the firm, please contact us. Our attorneys are available to answer any questions and to explore available options to protect your business and investments.

Contact Epstein Turner Weiss for a consultation with a lawyer from our Los Angeles, California, based law firm. We offer extensive experience contract disputes and business litigation.