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FDIC Representation

FDIC Representation in California

The Los Angeles banking attorneys at Epstein Turner Weiss have extensive experience representing the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as receiver of failed banks in state and federal courts, both at the trial and appellate levels.

We also work with other governmental entities in financial, insurance and insolvency proceedings.

Since 2008, the FDIC has taken over hundreds of failed banks. When a bank or other depository institution fails, they do not go bankrupt, as the Bankruptcy Code does not allow it. Instead, when a bank becomes insolvent, its state or federal chartering authority orders the bank into receivership and appoints the FDIC as its receiver.

Banking Lawyer for FDIC Receiverships

As receiver, the FDIC assumes control over the bank's receivership estate, which includes the bank's assets and liabilities, and disposes of the bank's assets and to the extent possible pays its liabilities.

We understand the FDIC's extraordinary powers and duties to marshal assets, pursue and dismiss litigation, assess liabilities and distribute assets pro rata to approved creditors pursuant to the FDIC's statutory priority distribution requirements. We have successfully attained dismissals and resolutions of claims in numerous FDIC receiverships.

We can assist you in FDIC receivership matters relating to:

  • The claims process
  • Depositor preference rule
  • Contract enforcement or repudiation
  • Litigation issues

Speak to a Banking Attorney for FDIC Representation

Contact Los Angeles banking lawyer Michael Weiss for FDIC related matters, or use our online form to schedule a consultation. We offer extensive experience in FDIC banking and receivership matters.