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HR Management

Los Angeles, California, Human Resources Management

Effective and proactive human resources management reduces the risk that businesses and employers will face costly litigation in the future. Whether you are interested in creating an employee handbook, or internal procedures to prevent sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace, or if you want guidance and consultation regarding a specific "problem employee," our firm can provide the legal assistance you need.

Our goal is to help your business prevent employment litigation through preventative action in HR management. Contact us to learn more about our strategic approach to protect your business interests in human resources.

California employment law in many cases is unique and complex. Activities that may be legally permissible elsewhere in the country may not be in California. Epstein Turner Weiss attorneys focus on the interests of California based employers as well as out-of-state employers doing business in California. With our significant experience and in-state focus, we are able to provide our clients with the counseling, legal service and representation they need to ensure compliance.

We can provide the counseling and guidance required to avoid future disputes and litigation. Our legal services in this area include all of the following:

  • Management advice and risk avoidance: hiring and firing, employee discipline, preventing sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Employee handbooks
  • Workplace policies and procedures
  • Workplace investigations
  • Training sessions for managers and supervisors
  • Avoiding financial wrongdoing

Human resources management counseling and advice

Whether or not an employer has an existing human resources department, effective legal assistance from outside counsel will arm that employer with the tools required to prevent future litigation. We will help to draft policies and procedures, employment manuals and conduct training sessions to ensure legal compliance with federal and California laws concerning or affecting the workplace.

Workplace investigations

There are times when the law requires that employers conduct investigations in response to events occurring or reportedly occurring in the workplace. Examples of this include cases involving workplace harassment, discrimination, financial wrongdoing, kickbacks and other violations that can put a business at risk. Our firm's attorneys not only can provide legal counsel and assistance to employers performing workplace investigations, but can directly conduct such investigations on the employer's behalf.

Contact Epstein Turner Weiss for a consultation with a lawyer from our Los Angeles, California, based law firm. We offer extensive experience and strategic representation to businesses and employers in human resources training and disputes.