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Insurance Commissioners Representation

Los Angeles Insurance Commissioner Claims Lawyers

Insurance companies are at great risk of insolvency when their liabilities exceed their assets. Even if an insurance company's assets surpass their liabilities, they can still be subject to regulatory action due to fraud or financial instability.

Insurance commissioners have the responsibility to monitor and regulate the insurance activity within their state. They are held accountable to determine when insurance companies should be declared insolvent. At the law firm of Epstein Turner Weiss, we are committed to working with the California Insurance Commissioner and the state's attorney general to operate insolvent insurance companies pending liquidation or rehabilitation. We have a long history of counseling insurance commissioners in this very complex, specialized legal area.

Our firm's insurance commissioner claims attorneys provide insurance commissioners throughout the country with consultative, strategic advice coupled with strong advocacy. For guidance on effectively handling insurance insolvency claims, contact our law firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

Skilled California Insurance Insolvency Attorneys

At Epstein Turner Weiss, we understand the challenges within the insurance industry. Our legal roots trace back more than 25 years ago when we began acting as the general counsel for insurance companies in California. Today, we focus on providing insurance commissioners with valuable legal support. Our comprehensive background has proven to be invaluable in helping insurance commissioners maintain the operation of insolvent insurance companies.

California insurance insolvency lawyer Michael Weiss and his legal team understand the regulatory work expected of insurance commissioners. Mr. Weiss spent time working for the California attorney general who was responsible to support actions against insolvent insurance companies. We combine our extensive experience and legal skills to provide insurance commissioners with strategic counsel. The insurance insolvency attorneys at our firm advise insurance commissioners on all aspects from maintaining the operation to liquidation and claim handling.

We seek to mitigate potential legal implications associated with insolvency. Our legal team aggressively pursues litigation against insurance executives who took giant payoffs, instead of paying back creditors and policyholders. We also support insurance commissioners seeking to reorganize and create new structure in insolvent insurance companies. Our law firm's attorneys are committed to providing effective and knowledgeable legal resources to support the role of insurance commissioners.

Contact Epstein Turner Weiss to meet with a skilled insurance commissioner claims attorney in Los Angeles, California. We offer extensive experience handling complex insolvent insurance claims.