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Insurance Insolvency and Insurance Commissioners Representation

The Los Angeles insurance attorneys at Epstein Turner Weiss have extensive experience representing the California Insurance Commissioner and other state insurance regulators. We work as conservators and liquidators of insolvent insurance companies in all types of complex and routine matters and litigation affecting insolvent insurance companies.

Attorneys for Insurance Company Insolvency or Liquidation

When an insurance company fails, it cannot go bankrupt. Instead, the state insurance commissioner or regulator where the insurance company is domiciled generally takes the insurance company over, assumes control of all aspects of the insurance company, conserves its assets and, if required, liquidates the insurer's assets and pays creditors.

We understand the extraordinary powers and duties of insurance commissioners and regulators to take over insurance companies, marshal assets, pursue and defend litigation, assess liabilities and distribute assets pro rata to approved creditors pursuant to statutory priority distribution requirements.

Insurance Recovery Litigation, Negotiations, and Settlements

Our representation of insurance commissioners and regulators over the past five years has resulted in exceptional results for our clients including the collection of over $90 million.

Contact an Experienced California Insurance Insolvency Lawyer

Los Angeles insurance insolvency lawyer Michael Weiss and his legal team understand the regulatory work expected of insurance commissioners. Mr. Weiss spent time working for the California attorney general who was responsible to support actions against insolvent insurance companies.

Contact Epstein Turner Weiss for an immediate consultation with a lawyer from our Los Angeles, California, based law firm.