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Lien Priority

Los Angeles Lien Priority Attorney

From initial financing to purchase, sale or foreclosure, lien priority issues can arise in any real estate event or transaction.

The lien priority attorneys at Epstein Turner Weiss represent property owners, mortgage lenders and brokers in all forms of lien priority disputes.

Lien Priority Litigation Involving First and Second Mortgages

Lien priority questions involving first, second and other junior mortgages frequently arise between lenders and purchasers.

Epstein Turner Weiss has had extensive experience in resolving lien priority disputes, whether arising from fraud, oversight or changing practices and market conditions.

We can assist you in lien priority litigation involving:

  • Unrecorded or late recorded instruments
  • Title Insurance claims
  • Quiet title actions to clear title from "dead" loans that have not been reconveyed
  • Relief from clouds on title resulting from fraudulent loans or lines of credit

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Contact a California Lien Priority Attorney

Partner David Epstein is your contact for any lien priority issue. You can also contact us online to schedule a consultation.