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Mortgage Law

Los Angeles Mortgage Law and Correspondent Lending Lawyers

The subprime mortgage crisis spurred a decline in economic growth throughout the United States and across Europe. As private lending became more scrutinized, the stakes were amplified for financial institutions eager to make a profit.

Tough economic times have made it even more imperative for financial institutions to secure their financial footing with the help of an experienced mortgage litigation firm. At Epstein Turner Weiss, our law firm's Los Angeles mortgage law and correspondent lending attorneys have extensive experience representing small to medium-size banks and multinational banks in disputes with other financial institutions. We will collaborate with your bank's in-house counsel to mitigate any potential damages in pursuit of securing your company's position in the marketplace.

When the stakes are high, we offer sound judgment coupled with strong advocacy. We are committed to protecting your bank's best interests in complex disputes over the terms of a contract with other financial institutions. To meet with a skilled mortgage law and correspondent lending attorney, contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation.

Protecting Banks in Mortgage Law and Correspondent Lending

At Epstein Turner Weiss, our firm's mortgage law attorneys have deep legal roots in real estate finance litigation. We understand the relationship large financial institutions have with smaller banks and with mortgage companies. Business relationships can quickly be strained when disputes erupt over the sale of a loan to a larger financial institution.

Our firm's mortgage law attorneys have experience representing smaller banks and large financial institutions in correspondent lending disputes. When you enlist our law firm, we will act quickly to evaluate the loan purchase agreement between your bank and the opposing party. We will determine if the loan agreement was not properly written or was based on any false information. We are skilled negotiators prepared to advocate for loan originators to buy back the loan based on any errors made on their part. We also help loan originators fight back against larger financial institutions threatening them to buy back a loan based off false allegations.

Skilled California Warehouse Lending Attorneys

Our law firm's California warehouse lending lawyers aggressively represent clients in disputes over the line of credit extended by a financial institution to a loan originator to fund a mortgage. We have substantial experience advocating for loan originators and larger financial institutions when faced with disputes over paying back the advancements. Our litigation skills have proven to be invaluable in securing our clients' best interests in warehouse lending disputes and in other areas of mortgage law, including:

  • Lien priority litigation
  • Bulk transfer litigation
  • Secondary mortgage market disputes
  • FDIC claims
  • Mortgage fraud

We have a long history of counseling financial institutions in this very complex, specialized area of the law. Our ability to collaborate with in-house counsel helps us develop an effective strategy aimed at protecting clients from any legal or financial implications.

Contact Epstein Turner Weiss to meet with a skilled mortgage law attorney in Los Angeles, California. We offer extensive experience in real estate finance and mortgage litigation.