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Mortgage Loan Repurchase

Los Angeles Mortgage Loan Repurchase Attorneys

In today's economic environment, mortgage loan repurchase issues and litigation are a fact of life for originators, purchasers, insurers and throughout the secondary mortgage market.

Whether arising under a loan purchase agreement or any of the insuring, pooling or other related agreements, repurchase issues can be complex and challenging.

The mortgage repurchase attorneys at Epstein Turner Weiss are experienced and skilled in resolving repurchase issues under market conditions that have changed dramatically during the life of the agreements.

Experienced in Complex Mortgage Lending Relationships

When you enlist our law firm, we will act quickly to evaluate the lending relationships, the agreements and the transactions at the center of the dispute. Our focus is to resolve those disputes in the most effective manner to protect your company's interests. We apply our experience as litigators and negotiators to achieve the most favorable results for our clients.

"Put Back" and Bulk Transfer Litigation

The repurchase of mortgages is also known as a put back or bulk transfer.

We serve banks and other lenders at the forefront of mortgage, mortgage repurchase, and bulk transfer litigation. We also represent financial institutions in correspondent lending, warehouse lending, lien priority litigation, and title insurance. We effectively collaborate with in-house counsel to protect our clients' financial interests.

Contact a California Mortgage Repurchase Attorney

Mortgage repurchase attorney David Epstein is your contact for assistance in any mortgage loan repurchase issue. You can also contact us online to schedule a consultation.