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Unfair Business Practices

Los Angeles Unfair Business Practices Attorney

California's unfair competition law covers a broad range of unlawful, unfair, or fraudulent practices and deceptive, unfair or misleading advertising. Claims under this law can arise out of business transactions or in conjunction with employment related disputes. These claims are cumulative to other legal remedies and can have a substantial impact on any business.

Experienced in Common Unfair Business Practices

The unfair business practices attorneys at Epstein Turner Weiss are experienced in resolving claims relating to:

  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Business fraud
  • False trade or bank references
  • Breach of a restrictive covenant
  • False representation of products or services
  • Unauthorized use of a trademark or other intangible assets
  • Use of confidential information by former employees to solicit customers

We can also assist you in personnel policy development and employment defense to protect you from current or future charges of unfair competition or business practices.

Contact a Los Angeles Unfair Business Practices Attorney

Your contacts for unfair business practices disputes and litigation are David Epstein and Jonathan Turner. You can also contact us online